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Task & Goals

We were hired by the Playsic Startup to provide an end-to-end solution for their app development and product launch. The application allows users to request and play their favourite songs in bars, pubs and restaurants. Our main goal was to develop an application which is very user friendly, trendy and useful while meeting the tight budget and time limit of our client. We used established models (Spotify, Instagram) to guarantee the best user experience in shortest amount of time and with the most efficient use of resources.
The tasks involved designing of the MVP product, testing it and after finalizing the structure the prototype and design was added. Finally the application was developed. Our mission was to create an app that not only fits the needs of its target group very well, but also represents the lifestyle of the millennials: going out and having fun with friends while listening to great music.

Wireframes & User Testing

The necessity of core functions and the user experience that the application provides are validated by testing. For example in the case of Playsic, we found that users will be able to add their favorite songs to a folder, but the creation of individual playlists will not be available as the resources needed to develop it overweigh the benefits of this function. The users also receive tasks they have to complete so we can see if the user journey is easy and friendly (e.g.: find X bar and play Y song).

Prototyping & Detailed design


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