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We were thrilled when got approached to develop an educational product. Our client, a math teacher and entrepreneur, wanted to create a platform where students can effectively practice and prepare for the IB Maths exam. The site contains materials and exercises with instant results and statistics on one’s preparation level. At Drukka Digitals we always aim to participate in projects that also have great social impact, so we were extra motivated to create a tool that help students succeed. The IB Maths provides materials and exercises in various math topics organised in categories. The exercises are evaluated instantly. Furthermore, students can also take an entire practice exam and take private lessons online with a tutor.
Our task was to create a platform where students can easily navigate, complete tasks, the backend process behind the website automatically generates and corrects math exercises and a business model which serves the different customer segments well. The challenge was to succeed with our task that is not only great in amount but is also highly complex both on the material and exercises level.


The necessity of core functions and the application design are validated by testing. When it comes to IB Maths in this stage we focused on the logical and user friendly structuring of the mathematics material. We worked with many topic and their sub-categories which had to be formulated and communicated in a very simple and understandable way. It was very important that the students saw the logic of the material and could navigate easily between the topics. To achieve the best possible results we conducted many user tests to find the best solution.


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